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SAGE Skills

The SAGE Skills Suite is designed to support the improvement of student outcomes by helping students develop the academic and professional skills necessary to succeed in higher education and beyond.

There are two SAGE Skills products:

  • SAGE Skills: Business offers students a self-guided journey to gain the career-ready skill sets essential for professional success. Covering over 850 business skills topics across Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Organizational Communication, and Professionalism, this resource helps students develop and practice real-world skills needed to transition from campus to the modern workplace. Content types include videos, interactive scenarios, self assessments etc. 
  • SAGE Skills: Student Success, launched in August 2022, is a new interactive resource designed to help all students achieve academic and personal success at college or university.  With more than 1,100 topics across 10 comprehensive modules, this dynamic multi-media resource guides students through foundational skill-building in academic writing, critical thinking, information literacy, intercultural awareness, study strategies, and more. Content types include self-assessments, interactive scenarios, downloadable exercises, original videos